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Product parameters

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FDA Authorized Non-NIOSH Approved Respirator

Model: F-Y3-A

Style: Foldable

Wearing Style: Over-the-Head

Exhalation Valve : None

Filter Level: KN95

Color :Mask is White. Elastic attachment device may be several different colors.

Product technical requirements: Zhejiang Machinery Note 20142140103

Packaging Specifications: 1 pc/bag   20 pcs / box   400 pcs / carton

Product details

Material composition:

The outer surface layer is 60g nonwoven fabric, the second layer is 30g KN95 filter material, the third layer is 45g hot air cotton, and the fourth/innermost layer is 50g nonwoven fabric. 

Product usage:

Our product can be used in medical environment. It helps to filter particulate matter in the air and blocks droplets, blood, fluids and secretions, etc.

Used for: 

Filtration of dust, particulates, mist, saliva spray, blood spray and other liquid contamination in medical environments.

Product includes: 

Mask main body, adjustable nose clip, stretchable headbands and headband adjusting buckle. The mask body contains non-woven fabric and filter material (KN95 level). The nose clip is made of polypropylene (PP) wrapped metal wire.

Before use:

1. Check the package to make sure it is sealed.

2. Check the Elastic bands to make sure they are well molded to the mask If the package is broken or Elastic bands is detached, please stop using.

How to Fit:

1. Unfold the mask.

 2. Position the mask on your face so that the nose clip rests on your nose and the bottom of the mask covers your chin.

 3. Pull the top elastic band over your head, and position it at the neck and below your ears. 

4. Pull the bottom elastic band over the top of your head and position it around your head above your ears. 

5. Use both hands to mold the metal nose clip around your nose to achieve a secure seal. 

6. Place both hands completely over the mask and exhale. If air leaks around the nose, readjust the nose piece. If air leaks at the mask edges, adjust the elastic bands. 


Shipping instruction:

Avoid heavy pressure deformation,direct sunlight on the product, potential scratching or contact with rain, snow or liquid materials. 

Storage instruction:

Store in a clean, climate controlled non-corrosive gases inside area with <80%humidity and good ventilation.


1.Use before expiration date. 

2. The product is disposable and intended to be used only once. DO NOT attempt to re-use after 8 hours. 

3. The product should be carefully inspected before use.  If the packaging is damaged, DO NOT use the respirator.

4. It is recommended that the mask not be used if beards, facial hair or other conditions exist (skin rash, acne, etc.) that prevent an effective seal between the face and the mask. 

5.lf the mask was damaged or contaminated during use, or if breathing with the mask becomes increasingly difficult, replace it with a new one.